0.61: Coinbase, Discogs, iGlo, Sochain

Almost a 100 contributors to this release 🎉 That’s what you get when you skip a release. It’s a little late but “Happy New Year” and welcome to 0.61 the first release 2018.

This release contain some breaking changes. Please make sure that you check the section below if you are running into trouble.

Assistant configs

We made a mistake in the foundation of both the Google Assistant and Alexa integrations: they were storing their config inside customize. This is not the right place and we moved them to be under the components itself. See the breaking changes section on how to migrate.

Hass.io updates

Pascal has made it easier to create and restore snapshots for Hass.io by calling the new services. This way it will be easy to automate the creation of a snapshot at night. The updater has also been fixed and will now report on new versions of Hass.io that are available.

New Platforms

If you need help…

…don’t hesitate to use our very active forums or join us for a little chat. The release notes have comments enabled but it’s preferred if you use the former communication channels. Thanks.

Reporting Issues

Experiencing issues introduced by this release? Please report them in our issue tracker. Make sure to fill in all fields of the issue template.

Breaking Changes

  • Extend Threshold binary sensor to support ranges. This means that you can now set up and lower. (@DanNixon#11110) (binary_sensor.threshold docs) (breaking change)
  • The Steam game platform contains changes:
    • game attribute no longer set in device_state_attributes if no game is currently being played as the string “None” is no longer passed if no current game is being played, instead the game attribute is not present.
    • States now use lower snake case.
    • The “Play” and “Trade” states has been renamed to “looking_to_play” and “looking_to_trade”. (@frwickst#11182) (sensor.steam_online docs) (breaking change)
  • The tile platform now shows only active Tiles by default; to show all Tiles, including expired/inactive ones, show_inactive must be True. The following state attributes have been removed: last_seen and last_updated. (@bachya#11172) (device_tracker.tile docs) (breaking change)
  • The hidden_string feature has been removed from the isy994 component. Previously, this allowed entities to be “hidden” in Home Assistant if a configured string was present in an ISY device’s name or folder path. This was removed because hiding devices is now done via the customization feature. Note however, that this feature was replaced by a new ignore_string config option, which will now cause Home Assistant to completely ignore devices with the matching string so that they will not be imported as a Home Assistant device at all. This can be helpful if you have nodes in the ISY that aren’t useful at all in Hass (IR transmitter nodes are a good example.) (@OverloadUT#11243) (isy994 docs) (binary_sensor.isy994 docs) (cover.isy994 docs) (fan.isy994 docs) (light.isy994 docs) (lock.isy994 docs) (sensor.isy994 docs) (switch.isy994 docs) (breaking change)
  • The egardia alarm panel platform no longer a need the users to run a separate Egardiaserver component. It can now also run on HASS.io. (@jeroenterheerdt#11344) (alarm_control_panel.egardia docs) (breaking change)
  • The binary sensor platform of the DoorBird integration has been deleted, so remove DoorBird from your binary_sensor configuration. Instead, set the doorbell_events option of the doorbird component to True. The last_visitor option has been removed from the camera component, as it is now always added as an entity. (@Klikini#11193) (camera.doorbird docs) (breaking change)
  • The following attributes of the TP-Link switch and light platform have been renamed:
    • Light: current_consumption -> current_power_w, daily_consumption -> daily_energy_kwh and monthly_consumption -> monthly_energy_kwh
    • Switch: current -> current_a, current_consumption -> current_power_w, total_consumption -> total_energy_kwh and daily_consumption -> today_energy_kwh (@DanNixon#10979) (light.tplink docs) (switch.tplink docs) (breaking change)
  • Move IMAP Email Content body to an attribute (@notoriousbdg#11096) (sensor.imap_email_content docs) (breaking change)
  • Automations which were using state that was returning target_temperature of the netatmo climate platform needs an update. (@ciotlosm#11345) (climate.netatmo docs) (breaking change)
  • The default availability payloads for the MQTT switch platform have changed from “ON” and “OFF” to “online” and “offline” (in order to match the majority of MQTT platforms that already supported availability reporting). (@DanNixon#11336) (breaking change)
  • Customizations for how entities are exposed to Alexa are no longer set via customize. Instead they are set via the configuration of the cloud component:

    (@balloob#11461) (cloud docs) (alexa.smart_home docs) (breaking change)

  • The extension of the alpha_vantage requires an update of the configuration as now are exchange data available as well. (@ChristianKuehnel#11427) (sensor.alpha_vantage docs) (breaking change)
  • The prometheus component now supports pushing all sensors and fixes wrong metrics. If may require that you update your configuration. (@michaelkuty#11159) (prometheus docs) (breaking change)
  • Insteon local devices will now use their address as the entity_id and name. The friendly name can be customized using the standard customization configuration. (@camrun91#11088) (insteon_local docs) (fan.insteon_local docs) (light.insteon_local docs) (switch.insteon_local docs) (breaking change)
  • Google Assistant is no longer configured via customize but instead has its configuration under the google_assistant entry in your configuration.yaml. The attributes will no longer have to be prefixed with google_assistant_ either.
    Old option New option
    google_assistant expose
    aliases aliases
    google_assistant_name name
    google_assistant_type type



    (@balloob#11499) (cloud docs) (google_assistant docs) (breaking change)

  • The climate.set_aux_heat service is no longer available for the Sensibo cliamte platform. Now call climate.turn_on or climate.turn_off. (@andrey-git#11579) (climate.sensibo docs) (breaking change)

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