0.75: Spider, Tuya, Brunt, Magicseaweed API

And just like that, it’s August. Time is flying by. People all over the world have been busy to create this release for you. This release again a ton of cool new stuff.

First, let’s talk entity IDs. Entity IDs are how we identify entities in automations and scripts. They start with the domain and end with an object id, for example: light.kitchen. Or, if you’re unlucky light.node_2_2_abc. With this release, it will now be possible to manage entity IDs of entities via the UI! Just as with changing the name, it requires that the integration is able to supply a unique ID for each entity.

Screenshot of the user interface to change entity identifiers.Screenshot of the new user interface to change entity IDs.

This release also includes a bunch more Tuya integrations thanks to @huangyupeng. And thanks to @peternijssen we’re now also able to talk with Spider thermostats and plugs.

New Platforms

Release 0.75.1 – August 4

Release 0.75.2 – August 6

Release 0.75.3 – August 9