0.76: Auth almost done, FleetGo, PJLink, RMV public transport

This release includes a database migration to allow us to store context in the database. This will make it possible in the future to introduce attribution. For example, we’ll be able to say which user opened the garage door or which automation triggered the party mode at 3am.

The auth system is entering release candidate status 🎉. If nothing major is found, it will be enabled by default starting the next release (0.77) with backwards compatability modus turned on. If you want to get ahead of the pack, you can already easily enable it now:

For iOS users, your frontend should be a lot faster. We had an issue that forced us to serve the frontend in compatability mode, which is slower. We haven’t been able to solve the issue, but found a workaround. Race on 🏎.

Warning. If you are using the internal MQTT broker, we’ve had to make a change how the password is set. In the past it would automatically start the broker with the user homeassistant and a password equal to the API password. This is no longer the case and you need to configure it yourself now:

New Platforms

New Features

  • Add and restore context in recorder (@balloob – #15859) (new-feature)

Release 0.76.1 – August 19

Release 0.76.2 – August 21