0.79: Device Registry, Logi Circle, Huawei LTE routers, GeoJSON

It’s time for another great release and we’re introducing a brand new feature: device registry. Thanks to @Kane610 for driving this effort. This allows integrations to tell Home Assistant not only about entities, but also which devices the entities represent. It also allows integrations to tell Home Assistant how a device is connected to Home Assistant. For example, a Hue light bulb is connected to Home Assistant via the Hue hub.

Screenshot showing several configured integrationsScreenshot showing several configured integrations in the configuration panel.

Adding devices to the mix allows us to do a lot of cool things. It allows us to group entities and show how they relate to one another. It will also allow us to inform the user if data leaves the home network and shows the firmware version that the device is running on.

Screenshot showing the devices of a config entryScreenshot showing the devices of the iOS integration.

Devices can only be added by integrations that are configured via the integrations panel in the config panel. So we’ve also been expanding the integrations that support that. This release brings support to iOS, MQTT and Tradfri.

Screenshot showing how to configure MQTT via UIScreenshot showing how to configure MQTT via UI

And this is not all! There is so much more. In an effort to make the quality of an integration more clear, we’ve added an Integration Quality Scale. With this scale we’ll be able to clearly communicate to the user how good an integration is and it gives developers a list on how to improve it. Expect these levels to pop up in the integration list soon.

And did you think we forgot about auth? We did not. @awarecan has added a new multi-factor auth module that will send you a one-time authentication code to finish your login, with a notification service of your choice. PushBullet, Hangouts, iOS app, some obscure custom notification service using a shell script? It’s possible.

Oh, and yes, there is also some cool new integrations. Support has been added for Logi Circle camera’s, GeoJSON events and even a bank. More below 👇

New Platforms

Release 0.79.1 – September 30

Release 0.79.2 – October 1

Release 0.79.3 – October 2